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Transmedia carries the mandate of connecting Zimbabwe to the world and connecting the world to Zim. As a State-Owned Enterprise established to support  broadcasting and broadband infrastructure we offer access to communication services to the furthest and most remote places in the Country .Transmedia provides signal distribution services for most of the Country’s broadcasters which include the Public Broadcaster, Commercial and Community broadcasters.                                       
internetZimbabwe’s Digital Broadcasting Migration Project has been divided into 3 phases, the compliance phase,
 migration phase and the analogue switch off phase, and the 17 June 2015 deadline by ITU is about compliance and we are proud to say that ,Zimbabwe has met the 17 June 2015 compliance requirements.
 #The uplink terminal installation that was witnessed on the 20th of August at Pockets Hill is an important milestone in the establishment of the digital broadcasting systems particularly on signal distribution across the country.
#Equipment installation of the head-end is being carried out and will be completed with the installation of standby power units by mid-September together with the electronics and power units of this satellite uplink terminal.



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